If you are in search of finding a line of products that are 100% free from harmful ingredients and safe for you, your family and the environment, you are in the right place. If you are shocked to learn that you have been Greenwashed, you are in the right place. If you’ve never read an ingredient label but are open to learning more, you are in the right place. Click here to discover Pure Haven.


Hello! I’m Sandra, and I love you already.
Picture a cheerful kid with a bowl haircut turning to a total stranger at a grocery store and inviting them to dinner. That was me. It’s one of my mom’s favorite stories to tell, and people who know me usually aren’t surprised to hear it. When you come from a huge family, Irish on one side and Italian on the other, big dinners where everyone belongs are the norm. What’s one more person when you’ve got 44 first cousins (Come on in, random fellow grocery shopper!) 

I love and accept people for who they are – that means you, too.  And we’ll get along splendidly, because you’re the kind of person who always craves more hours with the people you love. You relish togetherness and quality time, and I create photographs that help you relive memories of that time forever.

I also believe in caring for yourself as a way of caring for those you love. When you feel you’re living true to who you are, you’re more open and available for others. You’re also more relaxed and radiant, which makes for great photos – so I make it my business to give you space to be yourself. I believe in brave moments and helping you find new ways to appreciate who you are, exactly as you are.

When you work with me, you’ll quickly find yourself at ease. I know how to direct without making you feel overly posed, how to catch the things I know are most important to you – the silly, the tender, the elegant – and deliver it all with a hug on top. (You can learn how this works on my Families, Headshots, High School Seniors, or Brave Moments pages!) Let’s connect! Send me a note through my Let’s Connect page or give me a ring. I can’t wait to hear all about you and your favorite people. e: sandra@sandralovesyou.com  |

t: 413-427-1676 | located in the Eastworks Building in Easthampton, Massachusetts

Educate Yourself About Dangers Facing Kids Today

Becky Savage from teh 525 Foundation experienced the unimaginable heartbreak of losing two sons in one night from a combination of opioids and alcohol. Children are dying after taking prescription opioids, stolen from household medicine cabinets. Now, Becky is using her heartbreak to educate other families about the danger in our medicine cabinets. If you have teenagers or college-aged kids, you won’t want to miss this show. The 525 Foundation also organizes drug return programs in local communities. If you’d like to connect learn more about this organization visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 




CBD for Health and Self-Care

Chelsea Newman a holistic healer and transformation nutrition coach and physical therapist Sofia Zanzarella came on the show to talk about CBD for health and as a business opportunity.  The information was so good we needed a two part show.  Listen to part one here and part two here.  Connect with Chelsea on her website or Facebook.  Connect with Sofia on her website, Facebook , and Twitter.  Purchase CBD here.



Follow Your Dreams 

Sandy Zimmerman is a mom of three and a physical education teacher from Spokane, WA. She recently made history on Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior as the oldest woman to complete the obstacle course and the first mom to hit the buzzer. Sandy speaks openly about her troubled upbringing and how grit and determination have served her with any obstacle she’s encountered. Listen to her podcast episode here.




Oh, Honey, Honey

Jessica Martin is co-founder of The Martin Hives Honey Company, a boutique honey company which she runs with her husband Sean  She is proof positive that having an entrepreneurial spirit can successfully turn a hobby into a small business that’s lucrative and fun, especially when you’re the Queen Bee. Listen to her podcast episdoe here.
Connect with Jessica or buy some honey
The Martin Hives


Comfort and Caring at the end of life 

Dawn Whalen offers community end-of-life education, workshops, planning, posthumous services, and mentoring of end of life doulas. Doulagivers® Executive Officer and partner since 2016, Dawn is a founding member International Doulagivers Foundation, World Training Day, and is the founder/CEO of One Last Gift serving terminally ill children and their families.  Check out Dawn’s podcast episode here.
Connect with Dawn by email,
 at her website, Facebook


College Admissions Help

Author and college admissions expert Jill Margaret Shulman about her new book, “College Admissions Cracked: Saving Your Kid (and Yourself) From the Madness.” Jill has spent nearly a decade shepherding high school students and their parents through the college admissions process and reading and evaluating applications at elite colleges. Whether your family is just starting this process or you are in the full-on heat of college admissions frenzy, Jill will help you every step of the way.  Jill Visit Jill’s website to find out how to become a chill parent and get tons of free resources.
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The Truth About Health and Beauty Products

Award-winning movie director and screenwriter Jennifer B. White is currently working on the film “Pretty Toxic,” a feature documentary about the $450 billion beauty industry and the toxic chemicals in personal care products. The film exposes the health risks from exposure to those chemicals and the industry’s economics, legislation, and environmental issues. Check out her podcast episode here.
Pretty Toxic Doc Facebook Page    
Jennifer’s Facebook Page 

Body Work & Self-Care

Our friend and massage therapist Jennifer Field took a spin to tell us about the importance of including regular bodywork in your self-care routine. Check out her episode here. Jennifer specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage, and massage for stress relief, deep relaxation, and muscle tension release. She loves to incorporate Reiki and Thai “on the table” style massage into her practice as well. She has been helping people “repair and relax” for over 20 years at Puffer’s Salon and Day Spa in Westfield and also has her own practice in Hadley, MA at Embodied Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center. Connect with Jennifer HERE

To 50 & Beyond Coaching

Lori Massicot a certified nutrition coach, sober coach, podcast host and lover of all things mid-life about her decision to quit drinking at age 45 and how that decision changed everything. Lori is the founder of To 50 & Beyond, a group coaching plan for women over 40.  Lori helps women stop numbing out over food and alcohol to start living a healthy happy life free from guilt, shame, and regret. Check out Lori’s podcast episode here.

How to find Lori:
To 50 & Beyond Podcast 
Real Aligned Women Podcast 
Facebook Group 

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Colette Kent is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor who helps people reset, restore, and renew their lives through the ancient practice of Ayurveda. If you feel out of balance and want to feel light, clear, and energetic listen to her podcast episode to find out if an Ayurvedic lifestyle is right for you.
Connect with Colette to learn more:
Elements Natural Healing & Wellbeing 


Holistic Health Coach

Karen Bobinski is an autoimmune warrior and holistic health coach who help people incorporate diet, exercise, self-care, mindfulness, and self-love into their lives to make be changes to their health. She believes in the premise, “Let food be thy medicine” while learning how to optimize our well being. Listen to Karen’s podcast here.
Website: Be Healthy Coaching
Contact Karen and arrange a free 30-minute consultation.
Karen’s coaching page on Facebook
Natural Solutions to Living with Psoriatic Arthritis Facebook page

Intimacy Expert 

Psychologist and author, Dr. Ruxandra LeMay came on the show to talk about sex, intimacy, and marriage in the middle of life. She helps couples reconnect and renew their relationship. Whether they’re newlyweds or they just celebrated 50 years of marriage, she has great advice to share. Check out part-one and part-two of her podcast episode. 
Dr. LeMay’s Website
Dr.LeMay’s  wellness library for resources on relationships, intimacy, anxiety, and stress management.
The book “My Spouse Want More Sex Than Me. The 2-Minute Solution”

Activewear – Made in the USA

IllumiNITE activewear is designed for fun, safety, weather, and style.  Unlike other reflective sportswear, illumiNITE doesn’t rely on strips, tapes or spots to keep you visible. An all-in-one ink allows for coverage that is hidden during the day but revealed at night in the headlights for maximum safety and comfort. illumiNITE is a women-owned company based in Fall River, MA. Because illumiNITE is a small company,  their service is personal and friendly, and you’re just as likely to speak to the President of the company as one of their great customer service employees. illumiNITE is proudly made in the U.S.A. Check out part-one and part-two of their podcast – How to Start a Clothing Manufacturing Business.
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Music & Fun 

Heather Gersten Perry has been in radio for almost 30 years is currently co-host of the Heather and Steve show on Lite Rock 105 in Providence Rhode Island. She also hosts a “This is Us” fan podcast. Listen to Heather’s podcast episode here.

Listen to Heather online
Heather and Steve Lite Rock 105
This is Our podcast 

Life Coach 

Wendy is a certified, ICF credentialed professional & personal transitions coach and creator of the Wendy Perrotti LIVE BIG progam. Wendy helps women find success, happiness and fulfillment while living their best life after 40. Listen to Wendy’s episode here.

Organize Your Life 

Our friend Shelly Merchant from Taming Frenzy took a spin in the convertible to give us tips about how to live better with less frenzy. Check out her episode here. Shelley’s like a good friend giving us advice over a cup of tea or glass of wine. She thinks once we stop, take a breath, and adopt some of her tips, we’ll have better relationships, more joy in our lives, and time for ourselves. Her website Taming Frenzy provides tips and tricks to stress less and enjoy life. 


Do you love the pictures on our website? We do too! Meet Jenna Lynn, the owner of Jenna Lynn Photography.

Jenna is a traveling portrait photographer who offers everything from engagements, weddings, maternity sessions, senior portraits, model/business sessions, lifestyle sessions & more. She thrives on capturing multiple different looks and re-creating the emotions, and overall scenery of every precious moment.  No two sessions are ever the exact same.  Interested in learning more? Contact Jenna here for more information.

Photography that Captures Joy & Personality.

Capturing Precious Smiles, Moments & Memories.

Save the Planet 

One Green Thing Challenge for Busy Moms!  The fabulous Pam Mercer from Greenily hopped in the convertible to help us go green without going extreme. Check out her episode here. She believes a small shift in perception, a little bit of knowledge, and a few actionable steps will make a big difference in helping the planet.  Check out Pam’s five-day challenge One Green Thing Challenge for Busy Moms! 

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