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Buckle up! You’re cruising through mid-life. But don’t worry, you’re just getting started. Join us (Janine and Nicole) in our podcasting journey through the ups and downs of middle life. You can read all of our blog posts here. Feel free to share, comment, and reach out with any feedback or suggestions.

Show Notes from EO24 Clean Eating

Photo by ja ma on Unsplash On last week’s episode of the Messy Middle Road Trip, we talked about the clean eating trend. Most likely you’re bombarded day after day by all sorts of claims in your Facebook feed about the benefits of drinking celery juice, Whole 30,...

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What’s Up with Gen X Women?

“I’d like to stop thinking of the present as some minor, insignificant preamble to something else.” — Cynthia, Dazed and Confused 1992 Gen-Xers are a unique bunch. We’re originals. But, you already know that. We sent out a survey and asked our female cohorts some...

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Take Care – Colon Cancer Warning Signs

Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash In last week’s podcast, we talked with Carrie Peck about her journey with colon cancer. Carrie is an amazing person, and we admire her bravery and commitment to educating others about this disease. She gave us great advice and a...

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Travel Solo & Travel Safe in Midlife

Photo by Luo Lei on Unsplash In episode 17 of the Messy Middle Road Trip, I talked about great tips to stay safe if you travel solo. Here are the extended show notes (the podcast is better!). In my travels, I meet women who are in mid-life, single, with no kids at...

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Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Photo by Alex on Unsplash In episode 16 of the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast, we talked with Heather Gersten Perry from Lite Rock 105 in Providence, RI about her 30-year career on the radio. This blog post has nothing to do with that conversation, but it was awesome,...

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Have Fun and Travel Responsibly

In episode 13 of the Messy Middle Road Trip, I talked about the problem of overtourism and ideas to fix it. I asked (during a very unscientific survey) women in mid-life, what would you do if you could do anything without regard to cost or responsibilities. Guess what...

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