About Janine

Janine QueeninI’m an enthusiastic traveler, writer, mom, wife, and a terrible housekeeper. I think everyone has a story to tell and I love learning about other people because I’m nosey naturally curious.

When I was a kid, vacations were long, hot, sandy days at nearby beaches. The local beach was great, but it didn’t satisfy my adventurous spirit. So, I traveled through my books and dreamed of seeing the world one day. Then came my first trip abroad, my first trip anywhere, and I was immediately hooked.

That first adventure made me a better person, more curious and openminded, and inspired a lifelong love of travel and learning. Life is so much better and richer because of travel, and I want everyone to experience that joy, so I started a company called Storied Adventures to help fellow adventurers find their way out into the world.

My home is filled with a great guy, two teenagers, and a dog that acts like a cat (who rescued who?). In my mind, I see a giant calendar with month pages blowing away as the days pass by. Soon, this place will be a lot quieter (sadder), and I’ll have to find “hobbies” to occupy my time. I imagine (to my surprise), I’ll yearn for carpools and dirty jockstraps on my kitchen counter (it happens more than you’d think). Like many women in the messy middle of life, I wonder three things, “How did time pass so quickly?” “How the heck did I get here?” and “What’s next?”

But, here’s the cool thing. We don’t have to know the answers, because as the wise and tight-panted members of Led Zeppelin, (sort of) said in the most popular last song of every Jr. High dance, “Yes, there are two (or more) paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

That’s deep.

Let’s go down that road together with the top down, radio on, and an open road of possibilities ahead of us.

A few more things…

Nicole and I met almost ten years ago in a writing class put on by the local YMCA. Taking that class in the Y’s decrepit preschool changed my life and introduced me to a group of amazing, creative, and talented women, including my friend Nicole. Plus, it was a night out and I had two young kids, so bonus.

The two qualities I value most in other people are humor and integrity.

If I could do anything for fun, I would go listen to live music and dance. Like, all the time.

Also, I think I’m hilarious.