About Nicole

If your Mom warned you about accepting rides from strangers, I can understand your hesitation with jumping in to ride shotgun on this road trip without a little background info. I’m a wife, a mom to a tween and a teen (send wine! Lots of wine.), a doting dog-mom to a West Highland White Terrier and a Wheaton Scotty, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have shifted my priorities and rebooted my life with a focus on health and wellness.

In July of 2008, I was diagnosed with sudden onset Psoriatic Arthritis at the age of 37. I slid from being an energetic, active, positive person to a miserably depressed Debbie Downer. Of course, I did my best to hide all of that from the world. If the Captain goes down, the ship goes down, right?

Along the way, I was introduced to Pure Haven.  Through their mission, I learned that my personal care and cleaning products contained harmful ingredients. Say what now? I was never taught to read labels and I got angry at the manufacturing companies for selling products that were potentially harmful to me and my family. That introduction gave me something to focus on that was not related to my diagnosis. I found my purpose.

After a decade of pain and discomfort, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of self-care. I finally admitted out loud that I needed to take control of my health and I was going to commit 100% to re-booting my body. (Insert Beyonce song lyrics for Bootylicious here. LOL) And that’s exactly what I’ve done with an elimination diet, clean products, yoga and practicing mindfulness.

The most thrilling result as I approach 50, is that I feel like I did when I was in my 20’s. (Ok, maybe more like 32.) My kids have their mom back. I’m conscious of my energy and focus on the relationships in my life. Speaking of relationships, Janine and I met through a writing connection and our husbands went to school together (small world!). We had both discussed the desire to reach a community of badass, like-minded women over the age of 40 that were experiencing life right alongside us. We wanted to share our stories and dig into topics that we’re dealing with as we maneuver the middle. So we loaded the car with snacks and an epic mix tape. We are gassed up and ready to go wherever the road may lead us. That’s the beauty of being in the middle, we’re open to adventure and too old to care what anyone else thinks. This is a judgement free zone and we’re so glad you’ve joined us.