We all love road trips, taking off with a friend, windows down, music blaring, with only a vague destination in mind and no time constraints. Forget the map and GPS.

It’s one of the reasons we all love buddy flicks, good female friends taking off on amazing adventures and having the time of their lives. Think of Lucy and Ethel, Wilma and Betty, and Thelma and Louse (without the murder and mayhem). The open road is about freedom and possibility, where anything might happen.

That’s the idea behind Messy Middle Road Trip, because mid-life is like an epic road trip. Behind us is a life full of joy, sorrow, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Ahead is a long empty road full of possibilities. But there are detours, speed bumps, and road kill that could stop us in our tracks. We need an excellent road map to help us arrive at our final destination. Along the way, we want to live and love and grow as a person, to take a bite out of life and say it’s delicious.

That’s where we (Sandra & Nicole) come in. First, we’re excellent drivers. Second, we always have a fantastic mixtape and road snacks. Just imagine us as the perfect buddy trip companion: compassionate, supportive, great listeners who are super fun with tons of impressive personality traits (feel free to imagine any you like). We’ll be here to help navigate the road ahead with great information and helpful tips to drive into mid-life at full speed with the top down and radio blasting.

Buckle up!