Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. On today’s show, we’re joined by Jill McGregor, host of Lady Time podcast to chat about the importance of having conversations from the heart and finding meaningful connections in midlife to prevent loneliness. Jill shares her desire to create connections with women in midlife through podcast conversations. We also discuss that one in seven women between the ages of 45-54 experience feelings of isolation and loneliness because of trauma, loss, unhealthy relationships, burden of responsibility, poor health and lack of supportive relationships.

We dig into the following topics:

  1. the inability to grieve loss can contribute to feelings of isolation
  2. the difference between companionable silence in the same room vs. silence on social media
  3. ways to stay connected
  4. meaningful conversations we’ve had that have helped us
  5. ideas for getting out of a funk

If you’d like to connect with Jill and listen to her podcast on Spotify, you can click here.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and will consider making time for quality ways to connect with others and know that it’s an important way of looking after our health. If you want to keep the conversation going, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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