On today’s show, we’re excited to be talking with Dawn Fitch, the founder and CEO of Pooka Pure and Simple and The Best Life Tribe. Dawn will share her story about her diagnosis with MS and how it impacted her journey to heal her body with self-care, community and a business that supported all of the above.

We learn how the name Pooka came to be and how Dawn began her business. We also discuss the impact that autoimmune issues can have on the body and the importance of finding that work/life/health balance. We dig into a conversation about how Dawn was able to pivot during the pandemic to provide products for her community and keep her business afloat. Dawn shares how The Best Life Tribe was formed and what goes on inside the group. Dawn shares some self-care tips and recipes that you can make with products in your own kitchen. We also chat about how it feels to be in business now versus when she first started and how midlife has given a new perspective on being an entrepreneur. We know you’ll love it, so hop in the convertible and let’s hit the road.

If you’d like to connect with Dawn, you can discover her natural products from Pooka Pure and Simple HERE.

You can become a member of The Best Life Tribe on Facebook HERE.

You can follow Dawn on Instagram at @dawnfitchofficial and see what’s new with the business @pookalita

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