Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Messy Middle Roadtrip Podcast. I’m Nicole, one half of our dynamic hosting duo. We’re entrepreneurs, wives, a mom, a favorite auntie, creative souls and women who are fearlessly navigating the middle of life. In between our regular podcasts, Sandra and I will be going solo to talk about our areas of expertise. Sandra tackles showing up as your authentic self with lessons she’s learned in her photography business and I tackle wellness. Today I’ll be sharing winter skincare tips for heading into the new year with healthy, hydrated skin all winter long.

This podcast was created to bring together a community of women over 40 who embrace the past, appreciate where we are now and take action to live our best life. Because it’s all about the journey.

Happy New Year middlers! Sandra and I hope you all celebrated in style whether that was wearing cozy pajamas on the couch with Ryan Seacrest, watching the ball drop in Times Square or getting dolled up for a socially distant gathering with friends and family around the fire pit or supporting a local restaurant. With January, winter weather has arrived in full force and with that comes dry, chapped, irritated, cracked skin. Indoor heat sucks all the moisture out of the air, compounding the issue. There are ways to combat dry skin but it takes a little effort and focus on self care. 

Here are my top 10 tips for what you can do to prevent dry winter skin:

  1. Remember shuffling your sock feet on the carpet to shock your friends in the winter? Yeah, it’s not as much fun in midlife. Adding a whole-house HUMIDIFIER or putting a smaller one in the room you spend the most time in can increase the amount of moisture in the air. 
  2. Wearing SUNSCREEN all winter long is vital to protect yourself from the UV rays. Winter sun and snow glare can still pack a punch if your face and hands are exposed. Applying a non-toxic sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher will prevent cancer, wrinkles and dryness.
  3. Our HANDS have thinner skin and fewer oil glands. It’s important to protect them by wearing gloves outside and avoiding anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers that contain methanol and triclosan which can dehydrate the skin. Keep them soft and moisturized with a pre and probiotic hand cream and cuticle balm for your nails.
  4. Avoid long hot showers and baths during the winter. It can feel glorious to warm up that way but it’s super dehydrating and can lead to itchy, tight skin. Using WARM WATER and keeping your immersion to 10 minutes or less is a good rule to abide by. Make sure to pat dry your skin and apply a body oil to lock in moisture.
  5. Cut back or avoid alcohol, caffeine and coffee to prevent diuretic dehydration. Sticking with a routine of DRINKING 8 glasses of water a day or eating more fruits and vegetables which are 90 to 95% water can help you stay hydrated. Low sodium soup counts towards keeping you hydrated.    
  6. EXFOLIATING dry skin can allow it to absorb moisturizers and lock in hydration. Sugar scrubs for your body, exfoliator for your face and a foot soak, pumice stone and foot therapy cream for those cracked feet can make a big difference. 
  7. Avoiding harsh face CLEANSERS with drying ingredients like fragrance or preservatives can provide you with glowing winter skin. Using a pre and probiotic cleanser can feed and nurture while warding off free radicals and environmental toxins.  
  8. Caring for your COMPLEXION can fight against the effects of winter weather by balancing and revitalizing your skin. Adding a hyaluronic acid and beauty booster to your facial routine alongside your moisturizer will provide ultra-moisturization. And an oil based serum like our night serum can be a game changer by defending your skin’s microbiome against free radicals.
  9. Don’t forget your LIPS. Did you know that chapstick products are formulated to purposefully dry your skin so that you become addicted to reapplying? Avoid ingredients like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid which remove the outer layers of skin and make them drier. Applying a sugar lip scrub, non-toxic lip balm or an overnight lip mask can exfoliate and lock in moisture for kissable lips all winter long.
  10. Change out of WET clothes and shoes quickly to avoid itchiness. Wool can cause irritation for some people. Sticking with cotton or clothes that wick away moisture can help. 

Thanks for tuning into today’s show. I hope you found value with my tips for avoiding dry winter skin. As a special New Year’s offer to our US listeners, any orders placed in January 2021 will receive a Pure Haven lip balm from me. Simply shoot me an email at nicolemarkel@comcast.net and let me know you listened to this podcast and your order is placed or take a screenshot of this podcast on whatever platform you are listening and tag me @livepurelywithnicole on Instagram with the comment ORDER PLACED to get your freebie.  

You can find more at messy middle road trip dot com or connect with us on FB, Instagram and YouTube. If you like the show, please subscribe and send us some love by rating and reviewing the podcast. Sandra and I are looking forward to our next road trip with you. Thanks for riding shotgun. Until next time… 

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