Beth is an inspiration and leader for women who are ready to awaken into the fullest version of themselves at midlife and leave a meaningful impact on the world. As a Midlife Mentor, confused and disengaged women in their 50s and 60s hire Beth to build the necessary confidence to create a life full of passion, purpose and authenticity. 

Her workshops, retreats, private coaching and on-line programs have helped hundreds of women to uncover their unconscious beliefs and feel more fulfilled in midlife and beyond. Beth created Ignited Women to unleash the greatly under-utilized wisdom of midlife women into the world and foster a cultural shift in how they are seen and valued.

Join us as we discuss:
– Why Beth created Ignited Women to help midlife women feel more fulfilled and reignite their lives
– Digging into our sensuality after 40: learning the 5 senses & pleasure
– Vibrators made for women in midlife
– We are like acorns; everything is within us to blossom into greatness
– Marrying yourself and what Beth felt when she experienced this special commitment
– Chosen words to define how you want to feel

How to connect with Beth:

Email: beth@ignitedwomen.net



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