Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Messy Middle Roadtrip Podcast. I’m Nicole, one half of our dynamic hosting duo. Today I’ll be sharing my reasons for shopping local on Small Business Saturday and during the 2020 holiday season.


Black Friday is upon us and our emails and social media feeds are filled with noise from manufacturers trying to get our attention. What if we take a moment to consider shopping locally this holiday season? What if we skip the big box stores and the crazy lines and support the members of our community that need us the most right now? 


A study showed that for every $100 spent local, $68 stays within the local economy. Small businesses create connection and build community. Think about local artists, crafters, book sellers, culinary creations, boutiques, beauty salons and mom and pop shops that provide unique, handmade and a better level of personalized service compared to big box stores. 


During the course of the pandemic, more than 60% of small businesses reported lost revenue. Over 97,000 businesses have permanently closed since the covid virus began to spread in the US. When asked, Americans are eager to support small businesses. And many have worked to pivot while providing sales on social media, using 3rd party platforms, offering curbside pickup and contactless delivery. 


Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday which was started 10 years ago by American Express. It has continued to be a reminder to shop local to support your neighbor and friend to provide for their families this holiday season. You might be wondering how you can show support, with or without a purchase. Here are my top 5 tips for what you can do to take action:

  1. Offer a positive online review
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Share products from a business you love on social media/stories or DMs
  4. Buy gift certificates
  5. Make a purchase


Shop with businesses that give back. A few of my favorites are:

Tom’s – shoes,

Bombas – socks,

Third Love -bras,

Alex and Ani – bracelets,

Patagonia – clothing and outdoor gear,

Bark Box – dog toys and treats,

Sand Cloud – beach towels,

4Ocean – bracelets made from recycled ocean plastic


Sandra and I have shared stories about our own small businesses. And profits from those help us to create this podcast and keep the lights on. If you are interested in working with Sandra to book a photography session please visit her at sabdracostellophotography on Instagram and Facebook or her website to take advantage of sales offers.


And if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer gift of luxurious, effective products that also happen to be 100% free of harmful ingredients, please pop over to livepurelywithnicole on Instagram Pure Haven by Nicole Markel on Facebook to see our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 


Thanks for tuning into today’s show. I hope that you are inspired to connect with the local businesses in your community or that support independent shop owners globally this holiday season. If you have a favorite small business with an online presence, please give them a shout in the comments so we can pay it forward.


 You can connect with us on FB, Instagram and YouTube. If you like the show, please subscribe and send us some love by rating and reviewing the podcast. Sandra and I are looking forward to our next road trip with you. Thanks for riding shotgun. Until next time… 


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