Does public speaking make you shake in your boots? Today’s podcast is with dynamic speaker Angela Lussier, who is a 7 time author, entrepreneur, fellow podcaster, award winning speaker and two time TEDx presenter. Angela admits that she was a shy kid with social anxiety and grew up making a terrifying observation that the best leaders were amazing communicators and impressive public speakers. 

Facing her fears, she jumped into the world of learning how to find her voice and founded a network of public speaking clubs called Speaker Sisterhood. We know you’ll love it so let’s grab the snacks, call shotgun and hit the road for another episode.

Speaker Sisterhood: https://speakersisterhood.com/

Angela’s podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/claim-the-stage-a-public-speaking-podcast-for-women/id1119712757

Angela’s TEDx talks and bio: https://speakersisterhood.com/angela/press/

Angela’s books: https://speakersisterhood.com/books/


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