‘Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about how to age joyfully and in good health. The majority of us move through our 20’s as though we’re invincible with late nights, indulging with food and drink and taking our health for granted. In our 30’s we’re generally hyper-focused on career or raising a family and our health can take a back seat to the needs of others. According to nutritionist and healthy aging expert, Annie Gaudreault, now is the time to celebrate life and have joy in each day. It’s never too late to age healthy and with Annie’s help, we can hit the reset button and align our emotional, spiritual and physical body in midlife.   

We are thrilled to have Annie riding shotgun with us. She founded VEEV Health and Wellness to support smart and successful mid-aged women to lose weight, sleep better and get even more out of life. This is an episode you won’t want to miss so hop in and let’s hit the road.

On today’s show we talk about:

  1. Changing the narrative about aging being something to run from.
  2. The 6 pillars of healthy aging.
  3. Why people underestimate midlife women.
  4. The difference between life span vs. health span.
  5. The importance of making rest and rejuvenation a priority in order to become more productive and focused in your life and tips for the benefits of “scheduled” unplugging to charge our batteries.

For more information about how to connect with Annie for a free call, you can reach her at www.veev.ca

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