Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. Today, we’re talking to Emily Falcigno who started believing in visions in 2018 when her photo series “In Her Words Diary” landed a billboard in Times Square. Since then, she realized living her ideal lifestyle was a lot closer than she thought. By strategically implementing her visions on dating and work, she started attracting exactly what she wanted – including podcast guest appearances and dream vacations. Now she’s creating photo strategies for her clients, so they can live their ideal lifestyles faster.

A singles photographer who doesn’t do hair and makeup makeovers or encourage you to lose 5 pounds, Emily helps you uncover your desires, find your radiance through self-compassion, and helps you live your ideal lifestyle through vision boarding. 

Today we talk about…

  • Emily’s project “In Her Worlds Diary” and seeing her work on a billboard in Times Square.
  • How Emily helps singles uncover their desires and radiance through self-compassion, which includes photography and vision boarding.
  • What vision boarding is and isn’t.
  • Why vision boarding is important for a deep dive into self-discovery.
  • How to use vision boarding to achieve your desires.
  • How this process is different for singles looking for a partner.
  • Emily’s work as a photographer and incorporating photography into vision boarding
  • Why it’s important to start living your vision and how to get started.
  • Emily’s program, The Visionary’s Journey.

We know you love it, so press play and let’s hit the road!

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