Thanks for joining us on this episode of the Messy Middle Road Trip Podcast. Nicole is one half of the dynamic hosting duo. They’re entrepreneurs, wives, moms and women who are fearlessly navigating the middle of life. In between our regular podcasts, Janine and Nicole will be going solo to talk about their areas of expertise. Janine tackles travel and Nicole will focus on the Health and Wellness Umbrella. Today Nicole will be sharing her experience with digging into a 28 Day Juice Cleanse to heal her autoimmune flare. 

Janine and Nicole created this podcast to bring together a community of women over 40 who embrace the past, appreciate where we are now and take action to live our best life. Because it’s all about the journey.

Nicole will be sharing her autoimmune story with psoriatic arthritis and how she’s navigated the healing process. She’ll also talk about how increased stress during the Covid-19 quarantine has flared her symptoms. You’ll get to hear about the program she is using for a 28 day juice cleanse and how she discovered it. You will also hear about her experience so far at the 6 day point.

Are you ready to take the juicing plunge? Here are 5 things you can do right now.

 1) Find a program that will provide you with recipes, nutritional information and shopping lists. You could work with a nutritionist, check out the Jason Vale app or visit Pinterest.     

2) Find a good juicer. If you cannot afford a brand new one, shop your local online marketplace in your area.    

3) Create your shopping list. The program I’m on states that it’s best to buy 3 days worth of groceries at a time but with social distancing and Instacart delivery, I’ve opted for 7 days.     

4) Ask for support from friends and family so they don’t derail you or try to talk you out of it. My husband even offered to juice with me every so often so I don’t feel so alone.   

 5) Find a support group online to ask for advice, get a pick me up when you feel discouraged and to cheer each other on. I found a terrific one on FB that includes people in all different stages of the juicing cleanse. Some have even come back for round two and can offer sage advice.       

 Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Messy Middle Road Trip podcast and feel inspired to tackle a juice cleanse to reconnect with your health and well being. Whether you are looking to lose weight, heal disease, detox your body after medications or surgery or just want to feel better, Nicole is cheering you on. 

And please remember, we are not a healthcare professionals. These tips and tidbits should not replace personal judgment or medical treatment when needed. We’re not trying to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, just give you something to think about. Remember, always talk to your physician or health care provider about your concerns.

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Resources mentioned in the show:

Jason Vale Super Juice Me Documentary: https://youtu.be/Aaxa7rxEbyk
Website information: https://www.jasonvaleofficial.com/
Apps: https://juicemaster.com/apps/

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