Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. Today we’re talking to Theresa Torres the owner of Forward Financial Coaching about something no one likes to talk about – money. So many women in midlife are consumed with fear and anxiety about money. Will they have enough as they age and what happens if they don’t. Money is the number one concern for older women, but luckily Theresa is here to teach us how to take control of our finances with confidence, clarity, and compassion so we can all live the life we deserve.

Today we talk about…

  • The lack of savings and excessive debt in the U.S. and what to do about it.
  • Whether money is a bigger concern for women.
  • Why getting your financial life in order important at any stage of life.
  • How to become financially healthy.
  • What to do if you go through a divorce or lose your spouse or partner.
  • The top five tips to immediately improve your financial situation.
  • Why it is important to give yourself some time and grace when your finances are out of control.

We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s hit the road!

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