As women, we have a lot on our plates. We work, volunteer, and many of us are moms. When Janine’s kids were younger, she volunteered a lot and helped raise money for a ton of different things.  Many of you are probably planning fundraiser after fundraiser for the schools, sports teams, or favorite cause. After a while, we all run out of interesting ideas that encourage donations.  How about trying something new and using travel to raise funds, build community, and deepen the bond between the organization and its supporters.  On today’s show, Janine tells you how to use travel as a way to raise money for your favorite non-profit. Today we talk about…

  • Fundraising cruises and why they work as a fundraiser for organizations with a committed group of supporters.
  • Why partnering with a travel advisor might be a good way to raise funds.
  • How themed trips create a buzz and engage donors.
  • Using learning trips to create an amazing experience and raise money for your cause.
  • Why letting donors visit donation sites for a hands-on experience allows supporters to see first-hand the positive impact of donations.

We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s hit the road. Where are you going next?  If you ever have a travel question send me a message through the Facebook page or by email at janine@messymiddleroadtrip.com and I’m happy to give you my two cents.

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