Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. Today, we have the honor and privilege of having Amy Pence-Brown join us in the convertible. Amy describes herself as a fat feminist mother who believes in opening her mouth and her heart. From both of these places, she tells stories – as a writer, as a historian and teacher, and as a visual artist. She’s been a body image activist for the past decade and her message about the value of all bodies, no matter their size, has been covered by numerous media outlets. She continues to lead the body-positive revolution through public speaking and education, including on the TEDx stage, to students young and old, and the Boise Rad Fat Collective, a radical group of 2,200 people of all ages, sizes, colors, genders, and nationalities. She also leads RADCAMP: A Body Positive Boot Camp for Feminists and Feminist Teens, builds school gardens on the Boise Bench as a school garden coordinator and was named one of the 50 Idaho Women of the Year by the Idaho Business Review in 2017. This is an episode you won’t want to miss so hop in the convertible and let’s hit the road.

Today we talk about…

Amy TEDx talk and what happened when she Googled, “Why am I fat and happy?”
How Amy started on the path to becoming a body image activist.
If things have changed, or do girls today experience the same pressure to be perfect and negative body image as our generation.
Trolls and how Amy deals with negativity about her ideas and message.
Why it’s important for all women to see themselves represented in marketing, social media, television, and film.
The Boise Rad Fat Collective. Why it exists and why it’s important.
Amy’s experience standing in a local farmer’s market, blind-folded and in a black bikini while strangers wrote on her body in magic marker.
What her family and friends think about her efforts.
The biggest obstacle midlife women face when it comes to finding self-love and self-acceptance.
RADCAMP: a Body positivity bootcamp for feminists and feminist teens. 

We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Messy Middle Roadtrip Podcast and feel inspired to become a part of the body-positive revolution to let yourself go with self-love. We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s hit the road!

How to find Amy:
Boise Rad Fat Collective

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