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Nina Urman helps (women) leaders to live in the highest expression of themselves so they can live and lead healthy, happy lives with their families, businesses and projects.  As a former professional tennis player & life-strategist with 7+ years of experience with delivering transformation, her company InsideOut helps high-level performers to reconnect to their authentic selves and live from within. Our conversation digs into finding our soul’s purpose and facing transformation head-on.

In today’s episode, we talk to Nina about…

  • Why being a professional athlete doesn’t free you from anxiety and self-doubt.
  • How to build resilience and confidence in all you do.
  • Why women let the fear of failure, insecurity, anxiety, and self-doubt hold them back, and what to do about it.
  • Why is it important for women to recenter and realign with their soul’s purpose.
  • How to stop conforming to other’s exceptions and start living a truly authentic life.
  • The difference between goal line vs. soul line, and why it’s important.

We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s hit the road!

Connect with Nina:

Website: InsideOut Circles

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