Today, we’re talking to Jennifer B. White, an award-winning movie director and screenwriter. She’s worked for major studios such as Universal Pictures, penned three novels, and has worked in script development on her own content with the film production and distribution company, Cinelou. A prolific writer with over 30 years’ experience, Jennifer knows what makes a great story. She’s currently filming “Pretty Toxic,” a feature documentary about the $450 billion beauty industry and the toxic chemicals in personal care products. The film exposes the health risks from exposure to those chemicals and the industry’s economics, legislation, and environmental issues.

In today’s episode, we discuss…

  • How a decline in Jennifer’s health led to the making of a documentary.
  • The importance of exposing the toxic underbelly of the $450 Billion beauty industry.
  • How a film like this gets made.
  • The filmmaking process, how Jennifer found people to interview, and who stood in her way.
  • The pushback from the beauty industry.
  • Steps you can take to protect your family and the environment. Hint, start with swapping out your shampoo.
  • How to become an empowered and educated consumer.

We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s hit the road.

How to find and connect with Jennifer:

Pretty Toxic Doc Facebook Page 
Jennifer’s Facebook Page 

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