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Today, we’re talking to Colette Kent an Ayurveda specialist who helps people reset, restore, and renew their lives through the ancient practice of Ayurveda. If you feel out of balance and want to feel light, clear, and energetic, this show is for you.

In today’s show, we find out…

  • How Ayurveda works and why it’s worth a try.
  • How gut health and Ayurveda are connected.
  • Conditions helped by Ayurveda.
  • How women in mid-life benefit from an Ayurvedic lifestyle.
  • How Ayurveda helps with peri-menopausal symptoms.
  • How Ayurveda is related to yoga and mindfulness.
  • Some Ayurveda tools to incorporate into our day-to-day lives.

How to find Colette:
Elements Natural Healing & Wellbeing 

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