“I’d like to stop thinking of the present as some minor, insignificant preamble to something else.” — Cynthia, Dazed and Confused 1992

Gen-Xers are a unique bunch. We’re originals.

But, you already know that.

We sent out a survey and asked our female cohorts some questions about their lives. The results are below. Let us know what you think.

Question: Name one word that describes Generation X women?

The most frequent response? 


Which is not a surprise, there’s something about our generation that makes us tough. Maybe it was the constant threat of nuclear annihilation or just the fact we had to fend for ourselves most days after school. We’ll never know, but it’s accurate.

A few more responses given multiple times:


My favorite:  “Superwomen – we do it all and get sh** done!”  Right on!!

Other positive ways we see ourselves:


Less positive ways we describe ourselves:

Waiting (BTW, it’s time to stop waiting.)

Question: What problem/issue/concern keeps you up at night?

For three lucky ladies, nothing keeps them up at night. Amazing! And how do I get me some of that?

For everyone else, we worry.

Kids/teenagers top the worry list for 43.5% of participants.

Next came finances, money, and retirement. 20.5% are worried about their financial future.

Health and our work/career tied for our third greatest concern with 12.8% each.

10.2% of the participants worry about worry and anxiety.

7.9% are concerned about college affordability.

Other concerns included:

Life fulfillment 5.1%

Direction of country 5.1%

Aging parents 2.5%

Keeping relationships healthy 2.5%

Question: If you could do anything in the world, without limitations, what would it be?

The number one response for almost everyone, Travel.

76.9% of respondents said they would travel if they could do anything without limitations

Some women would help others by finding a way to end poverty and sickness, fix the country’s healthcare system, and assure a healthy future for their families.

One person wants to be a rockstar and another a stay-at-home blogger, which I assure you is pretty much the same thing.

Question: Which topics about mid-life are most needed right now? Is there anything you don’t see covered but would like to see talked about?

20.5% want more information about self-care through perimenopause and strategies to age well.

17.9% want help caring for aging parents.

10.2% have trouble dealing with the empty nest and feelings of loss as the kids grow up and start their own lives.

7.6% of participants want information about personal growth and parenting teens.

Other issues of concern:

Kids & Technology
Careers after a life as a Stay-at-Home Mom.
Work-life balance
Preparing a child for college
Midlife in the workplace
Retirement planning for women

Question: What’s missing out there? What product/service do you wish someone would create for our generation?

A few favorite answers:

“Self-cleaning house.”

“How to eat, drink, and be merry and not gain weight and have a heart attack…”

“Driver for my kids.”

“Peace. I wish someone could create a service for peace.”

“Explain millennial to me.”

Overall, we’re looking for help staying/getting healthy, staying relevant in the workforce (or getting back into the workforce), and finding ways to have some fun.

Question: Where do you hang out online?

72.5% are on Facebook and 10% like Pinterest.

The rest is a mix of Instagram, email, or nothing at all. No one seems to like Twitter.

Generation X is unlike any other generation. Even though we’re small our impact is felt across society. Generation X changed parenting, work-life balance in the workplace, a father’s contribution/involvement in parenting, and societal norms that benefit everyone. Our second-half will be our greatest half.

Now, who’s going to invent a self-cleaning house?

What do you think about the answers to the survey? Do you have different ideas?

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