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In part two, of our conversation with Sue Marshall and Meg DeCubellis from illumiNITE, we find out what it REALLY takes to get something made and out into the marketplace. Hint: It’s hard, but there’s hope, so press play and let’s hit the road. So, if you have a dream of creating and selling the next great handbag, shoes,  swimsuit, etc. this show is for you

In today’s show we talk about…

  • Why “making” is so popular now.
  • What happens if someone’s “great idea” isn’t that hot?
  • How to judge if an idea will work?
  • The process for making the world’s best cat t-shirt a reality?
  • Some expert advice for someone who wants to start a business selling an apparel product, like a pocketbook, shoes, or the greatest pair of jeans ever?
  • How  Accurate Service helps makers with a great idea create a product and get it to market.
  • Meg and Sue’s predictions for the future of the apparel industry? Hint: The world needs more stitchers.

We know you’ll love it, so hit play and let’s roll.

Connect with Sue & Meg or find out more about illumiNITE reflective apparel or Accurate Service:
illumiNITE on Facebook
Accurate Service

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