Sue Marshall owner of Accurate Service and illumiNITE athletic wear and Meg DeCubellis head of creative design at illumiNITE and a faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design hope in the convertible for a spin. They’ll tell us what it’s like to be a woman-owned manufacturing company and what it actually takes to get something made and out into the marketplace. So, if you have a dream of creating and selling the next great handbag, shoes,  swimsuit, etc. this show is for you

In today’s show we talk about…

  • What it’s like to be a third generation U.S. based manufacturing family
  • A woman’s perspective about working in the manufacturing industry.
  • Wonder who runs the garment industry? It’s not who you think.
  • The real cost associated with manufacturing everything overseas. Hint: It has to do with humans and the environment.
  • The choice to stay in the U.S. and how they make it work
  • How they compete with the big guys who all manufacture overseas.
  • Are consumers really concerned about where their clothes come from?  How does that translate at the cash register?

We know you’ll love it, so hit play and let’s roll.

Connect with Sue & Meg or find out more about illumiNITE reflective apparel or Accurate Service:
illumiNITE on Facebook
Accurate Service

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