Janine and Nicole are taking a spin the convertible to talk about starting the new year with a new, more positive attitude.

We all know keeping New Year’s Resolutions are hard. For many, the best of intentions are quickly canceled out by the realities of everyday life. When that happens, it’s hard to avoid discouragement and falling into the trap of self-criticism. But, maybe we don’t need resolutions to have a good year. Maybe all we need is a new attitude. 

In today’s episode, the Messy Middle Road Trip team talks about.…

  • Why humans love New Year’s resolutions, but often fail in the attempt.
  • The most common New Year’s resolutions and some new ideas to consider.
  • Why science proves failure is likely AND we should give ourselves a break.
  • How to stop making resolutions and start making small adjustments that make a big difference.
  • Why a good attitude will do more than any resolution.
  • Tackling big goals with baby steps.
  • Getting started by taking action today.
  • What we should do to make the changes we need.
  • How thoughts and self-talk determine our success when it comes to change.
  • Janine and Nicole’s goals for the new year.

We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s get rolling.

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