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Wendy Perrotti hopped in the convertible today to talk about how to stand up, stand out, and live BIG. Wendy Perrotti is a certified, ICF Credentialed Professional & Personal Transitions Coach, speaker, and leadership development trainer. She teaches women in mid-life how to fully engage in life’s journey.

In today’s episode, we talk about.…

    • How thoughts, self-talk, and actions determine future success.
    • Helping women over 40 connect deeply with themselves and other people.
    • Why women in mid-life get stuck and what to do about it.
    • What we should do to make the changes we need in our lives.
    • The three main steps needed to move forward.
    • Why failing is okay, as long as we fail forward.
    • Why social isolation is worse today and how to feel more connected.
    • Strategies to shift your mindset and why your thoughts affect your outcomes.
    • The #1 strategy to trick your mind into feeling good and thinking positive thoughts.
    • Finding clarity and power to make things happen.

    We know you’ll love it, so press play and let’s get rolling.

    Connect with Wendy:
    Wendy’s Facebook group Professional Women Over 40
    Museum Mindset and other good stuff. 

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