In today’s show, Nicole will be teaching you how to become an ingredient detective with tips to begin living a healthier, empowered lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll learn why Fragrance has been deemed the “F” word. Considered a “trade secret” in the industry, fragrance is not a real ingredient. In fact, manufacturers hide hundreds of ingredients under that one umbrella term. Companies get away with including phthalates (“thal-ates”) under fragrance. Phthalates are similar to liquid plastic. (Think BPA.) They are linked to many health issues, including asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, low IQ, autism spectrum disorders, neurodevelopmental and behavioral issues, reproductivity and male fertility issues. They are also DNA mutagens which can permanently alter our DNA and affect fertility in our children and grandchildren.

Products to avoid that contain fragrance are dryer sheets, cleaning and beauty products. Synthetic fragrance is powerful and can contaminate the air we breathe and can cause headaches; eye, nose and throat irritation; loss of coordination and respiratory distress. Alternatives include swapping out wool dryer balls, scented with USDA Organic Certified Essential Oils and using natural cleaning and beauty products that do not contain fragrance.

When researching your labels, if you search for the ingredient name and type the word toxic after it, you will be able to determine what an ingredient is, why it’s in your product and whether or not it’s harmful. Be aware that some apps might list an ingredient as safe because of a sponsoring partnership with the manufacturing company and the rating system. Use your best judgment and make a personal decision to avoid certain products based on your own research.

Learning how to navigate ingredient labels can feel overwhelming. If you begin with one or two harmful ingredients to avoid, it can help with your transition to reducing your toxic body burden.

You’re invited to call shotgun and press play to begin your journey on the road to wellness.

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