In this first episode of Messy Middle Road Trip, Janine and Nicole share tips for increasing your happiness and how to overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

Our first (yay!) podcast episode tackled the big question “How to Be Happy.” Everyone wants to be happy, of course. When’s last time you heard someone say, man, I love being miserable. Nevertheless, many of us aren’t happy at least some of the time.

Why is that?

Personality matters, of course. Some people are naturally positive and always see the glass half full. Even so, personality alone doesn’t account for the subtle, gray malaise that hangs over many women living in the messy middle.

But here’s the thing, everyone can take steps to make themselves happier because, for many people, happiness is a choice. Easier said than done, but there are concrete steps you can take to improve your happiness quota. (Depression is a whole different thing and requires professional help).

On the podcast, you’ll learn how to use specific tactics to bring more happiness into your life, including:

  • Challenging and reframing negative thoughts.
  • Using a journal to dump negativity and worry.
  • Getting active to feel good.
  • Practicing mindfulness and loving kindness.
  • Take a break from technology and social media.
  • Five quick tips to create the habit of happiness.

It’s a great show (and our first!), so check it out here. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and rate and review the show.

As an extra added bonus, Nicole put together some excellent bonus material on the topic of happiness. You’ll find that post here.

Until next time….

Fill up the tank.

Pop in the mixtape.

Let’s hit road.

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